Royal Engineers – HQ Information

Please fined below the latest correspondence we have received from the Corps RSM in regards to the changes to dress and saluting.

Please see below the latest ABN on Remembrance Day Parades. I have taken the time to highlight in yellow a couple of key points:

• Point 1. The ABN states that poppies can be worn from 22 Oct through to 11 Nov 15 dependent on Corps customs. I have checked Corps Memoranda and it states – poppies will normally be worn 1 – 11 Nov inclusive. As the direction below states, can I ask that all RE officers and soldiers are informed to start wearing the poppy from 1 Nov 15.

• Point 2. Whilst in Cbt uniform, poppies should be worn on the left breast. I have enquired with PS12 regarding the direction because, for as long as I can remember, RE soldiers wear the poppy behind the capbadge. I have been informed that this rule changed last year and in line with CGS’s direction on dress, the poppy will be worn by all RE soldiers as the ABN states i.e. pinned to the left breast. I am in the process of updating Corps Memoranda and this change will be included. Can I ask that I have you continued support and you implement the direction given.

• Point 3. The issue on how long we hold the salute for during the Last Post has been banded around the bazaars for a while now. Direction has been given in the ABN and I ask that you note this when planning any future parades.

If there are any burning questions, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

Serial No: 141/15
Source: DPS(A) PS12(A)
Date: 9 October 15



1. To restate Army policy on the wearing of uniform during the period leading up to Remembrance Day and Armistice Day 2015 as well as the policy on wearing poppies and saluting during associated services and related events.


2. All Regular and Reserve personnel and Cadet Forces.


• All officers and soldiers are encouraged to attend Remembrance Day (Sun 8 Nov 15) and Armistice Day (Wed 11 Nov 15) parades and services in appropriate uniform.

• All Army personnel both Regular and Army Reserves are to wear the new style of No 2 Dress unless otherwise directed. If Combat Dress is worn by those who do not possess No 2 Dress, medals are not to be worn.

• Cadet Forces Adult Volunteers (CFAV) may wear the old style of No 2 Dress if in possession and authorised but may also wear Combat Uniform with full sized medals. This concession permitting medals to be worn on Combat Uniform by CFAV applies to events on Remembrance and Armistice Day only.

• Poppies can be worn in uniform from 22 Oct 15 until 11 Nov 15 subject to Corps and Regimental custom.

• All activities associated with Remembrance Day, with the exception of formal attendance at organised parades and services as ordered by COs, are classified as off-duty activities whether Service personnel are in uniform or civilian clothes.



3. Remembrance Day falls on Sunday 8 Nov this year. Many Army personnel will be involved in organised Remembrance Day services and parades throughout the country as well as on Armistice Day on Wednesday 11 Nov. Individual personnel not involved in organised activities are encouraged to attend their local war memorial or church services in uniform (subject to any local security orders) to help mark the event and to show support and engagement with their local community.

4. Apart from the Cenotaph Parade in Whitehall, the appropriate uniform to be worn is No 2 Service Dress Ceremonial with full-sized medals, leather and appropriate accoutrements. Swords should not be worn unless ordered for those attending in an official capacity. All Regular and Army Reserve personnel are to wear the new style of No 2 Dress.

5. CFAV may wear Combat Uniform with medals without authority as they are no longer issued with No 2 Dress. This concession permitting medals to be worn on Combat Uniform applies only to events on Remembrance Day and Armistice Day. If these individuals possess the old style of No 2 Dress with all appropriate accoutrements, this may be worn in preference to Combat Dress if authorised to do so by the ACF Cadet Commandant or CCF Contingent Commander.

6. Combat Uniform is not to be worn by anyone attending the Albert Hall Festival of Remembrance unless required to do so as part of the event.

7. Retired officers may wear uniform, if they so wish, for Remembrance Day and Armistice Day Services and parades only, providing that the uniform is smart and conforms in all respects to the current uniform of their previous Corps or Regiment. They should wear a gilt metal “R” in brass below their rank insignia. Anyone attending in civilian attire is encouraged to wear full sized medals.

The Poppy

8. The standard fabric poppy supporting the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal can be worn as a personal choice on all uniforms from 22 Oct (the first day of the Poppy Appeal although Corps and Regimental custom may direct a later date) until Armistice Day (11 Nov). In No 1 and No 2 Dress as well as Barrack Dress, the poppy is to be worn according to Corps and Regimental custom. In Combat Uniform, the poppy is to be worn pinned to the left breast with a safety pin.

9. Although senior officers laying wreaths at the Cenotaph wear poppies, troops taking part in the parade at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday and the Albert Hall Festival of Remembrance are not to wear poppies.

Saluting and The Last Post

10. When attending Remembrance or Armistice Day Parades as with all other similar parades, officers in uniform wearing head dress either on parade or as spectators are reminded that they should salute on the first note of the Last Post and return on the last note and then remain at attention throughout the 2 minute silence and during the Reveille. Other Ranks and all those in civilian clothes are not to salute but are to come to attention on the first note of the Last Post and remain at attention throughout the 2 minute silence until the last note of the Reveille. Those in civilian clothes wearing civilian head dress are to remove the head dress during the Last Post but replace it for the 2 minute silence and the Reveille. It is customary for veterans wearing military style head dress such as berets to conform to the uniformed policy according to their rank.


11. All serving and retired personnel in uniform are reminded that only those decorations and medals presented to them personally may be worn. Unofficial medals, foreign medals (unless authority to wear has been received) and those awarded to relatives are not to be worn anywhere on a uniform.


12. Except for those individuals attending formal organised events as required by their Commanding Officers which are duty events, all Service personnel whether in uniform or civilian clothes are reminded that all activities including collecting for the Poppy Appeal as well as attendance at Remembrance services and parades are classified as off-duty activities. The MOD cannot provide legal, personal injury, third party or any other cover for such activities and individuals are to take appropriate measures, at their own expense if necessary, to ensure that they are adequately protected.

13. Point of Contact. Further information is available from Lt Col K B L Simson PS12 (Army). DII: Tel Mil: 9621-86320. Tel Civ: 0207 2186320.