Nev Allison
  • 06-27-2020
  • admin

Big Congratulation to Nev Allison who was awarded the Lord Mayor’s Civic Crown Award for the Volunteer work he does within the community. Winners of a Lord Mayor’s Civic Crown will receive a unique coin in a presentation box, they will also receive a citation in recognition of their brilliant work in the community. There […]

Royal Engineers Association Church Service
  • 10-11-2014
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This is an annual Church service held on the first Sunday in September at St Martins Church Defence School of Transport, Leconfield this was origionaly the garrison Church of St. Martin, Longmoor.  But the memorials were moved to Leconfield on 1st Jume,1977 when the Army School of Transport moved from Longmoor to Leconfield ending an Association […]

REME Standard Adventure
  • 01-07-2014
  • admin

This is a short walk through the life of a REME Standard, as you can see by reading the Standard lead a good life during this week. Download Complete REME Standard Adventure (PDF 1.82mb) If you have problems reading the PDF then you may need Adobe Reader, you can download the latest version from here […]

REA HULL / ALL VETERANS – Breakfast Meeting
  • 01-04-2014
  • admin

Some members also meet on a Saturday morning, the meetings are held in Hull (Sutton Fields), it is also attended by members of the REME. For more information visit Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Clubs Website

Hull Royal Engineers Association Raffle Prizes
  • 12-20-2013
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Hull Royal Engineers Association  is accepting raffle prizes from members for our monthly raffle at our meetings, if members would like to bring prizes or have them collected (if they are unable to attend the meeting) then let us know and we can arrange for the raffle prize(s) to be collected.